The focus from Steve on my role as a leader was challenging. As a result of how he gets you to view your approach to business ‘success’, I finally understood the barriers to me and my team succeeding even more. A Win Win!!

Jim Atkinson, VP Sales

If you want the best results, consistency of performance and ongoing engagement across your business, then you must invest in and develop your leadership teams to ‘unlock that success’ and make it happen!

The reality is we’ve never lived in more uncertain and volatile times. The sands are shifting faster than we can re-place our feet and what was once a stable foundation on which to build is quickly becoming anything but. Leaders today have a very tough job to do. This applies to managers and leaders with experience as well as those new to the leadership role.  They need to apply adaptive and innovative thinking to new situations, every single day.

The Leadership Masterclass Programme will help your leaders and their teams do just that. This is a 90 day programme for established and emerging leaders or equivalent roles and learning is a combination of live and interactive weekly ‘masterclass’ seminars facilitated by Steve McNicholas, alongside a sequence of individual 1-2-1 discussions and support with each participant, before, during and upon conclusion of the programme.

Each participant and cohort will conclude with a deep and effective understanding of how they can be truly impactful, engaging and successful leaders in 2020 and beyond.

If you want the success that you seek in achieving both your professional and personal goals and ambitions, then you need to ‘unlock’ the SUCCESS Code™.  From here, you can apply and leverage the very same strategies and insights used by the most successful individuals on the planet.

The Accelerator Programme will help you do just that.  A 90 day programme designed to help you tackle your specific business and personal challenges and then by applying the proprietary sequencing and strategies of the SUCCESS Code™, you will begin to unlock the results, achievement and success you seek and are capable of!

This is a unique opportunity to work one-to-one with Steve McNicholas, creator of the SUCCESS Code™ over some 12 weeks, combining several hours of online learning alongside a programme of deeply personal and focused one-to-one coaching sessions together.

Participants will fully explore and understand each of the seven Code Blocks that form the SUCCESS Code™ and by applying such insights and strategies, you can begin the journey to achieving and sustaining the professional and personal success you seek.

Accelerator Programme

An amazing opportunity to work one-to-one with Steve McNicholas, creator of the SUCCESS Code™ and to learn and apply the methodology with him over a 90 day period to significantly enhance your understanding, insights and strategies for your professional and personal success and consistent achievement!

In addition to the the online learning and reflection each week, accessible 24/7, you and Steve will have several deeply personal and intense sessions to discuss each Code Block in detail, what it means to you and how you will leverage such insight against your specific goals and objectives in business, in life, in both!  Actions are agreed and you’ll review each set of actions and their successful completion as you progress through the SUCCESS Code™ together!

Masterclass Programme

A unique programme for  established or newly emerging managers and leaders or equivalents, combining engaging and powerful group learning in addition to a sequence of individual discussions to explore individual understanding, challenges and the successful implementation of the Leadership SUCCESS Code™ in their team, business or organisation.

Programmes typically run for some 90 days with weekly group ‘live’ seminars exploring the critical elements and insights deployed by many of the most successful leaders on the planet!  In addition, the individual 1-2-1 coaching sessions allows participants to consider their own challenges, understand solutions to address and then enable effective implementation to drive the results, success and achievement we desire.

Coaching Testimonials

Rob Kirkpatrick
Accelerator Graduate

An exhausting but incredibly satisfying few months on a personal and professional level. I never knew how much of an impact each Code Block can have. Staggering!

Peter Tyrer
Masterclass Attendee

A great session for us as a team to step back and look at our approach through a different lens. Steve hits the right mix of challenge and support in an energising review on our business.

Jenny Wilding
Accelerator Delegate

The online material is great but the one-to-one mentor calls with Steve is when the theory truly landed for me. He has a way of making the challenging issues just seem simple.