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"My passion is to inform, inspire and maximise the potential in all - by Unlocking the SUCCESS Code® to develop winners in business and in life!"

Steve McNicholas

How I Can Help You


Steve McNicholas is one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers and a pioneer in capturing and creating the ‘SUCCESS Code®’ that enables sustained achievement and success in business, in leadership and also in life itself.

He has inspired and empowered thousands of people to appreciate and then apply the seven ‘Code Blocks’ that underpin sustained achievement across all business objectives including sales, change, customer and people. 

What differentiates him, besides having proven his highly effective methodology personally, is his personal connectivity with people in audiences of all sizes. 

He brings passion, energy and inspiring context to the stage, creating an engagement that builds and transforms understanding and confidence quickly.


The theory and understanding is just one step in succeeding against the continuous pressure of business and commercial goals today. 

However, it is your people’s ability to apply that understanding and deliver a fast, systemised and courageous response to such challenges, that is mission critical.

Successful individuals and teams create the ownership, clarity, ‘systemisation’ and discipline to deliver impactful and sustained success at pace.  A fresh understanding and mindset and supporting infrastructure must be consciously developed by all.

Steve’s unique coaching process and the ‘contract’ it produces, enables clear understanding, focused mindsets and key disciplines to deliver sustained success.


Sometimes, an inspiring keynote or standard programme may only go some way to addressing your business issues or challenges.  Sometimes there is a clear need for a bespoke solution to identify, address and then resolve the issues you require support with.

Steve has been approached and worked with several organisations to develop bespoke strategies, solutions and programmes to help them resolve their specific business, commercial or people challenges. 

Assignments have included applying the SUCCESS Code® methodologies to some very specific sales improvement and performance challenges, developing and supporting various ‘talent management’ strategies and a number of examples when individual senior leadership mentoring has been requested.

Recent Clients include

Client Testimonials

"Steve's masterclass completely reset our strategy on how we approach our business targets. The results have been amazing and continue to be!"
Peter Orr
MD, Hillmond, UK and Ireland
"A powerful and inspiring speaker who adds emotional context to help bring his compelling evidence and his unique Success Code insights to life"
Chris Brindley MBE
Chairman and Non-Executive
"A transformative thinker and shared a fresh approach to succeeding. Simple but impactful steps and through his 'code', any team can and will improve"
Mike Gordon
CEO and Chairman

Let Steve help you 'unlock your success'.

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