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Helping leaders and leadership teams, to achieve the results and success they desire in business and in life – and to sustain that success consistently!


We are passionate about leadership development and enabling experienced and newly emerging leaders to succeed and achieve, professionally and personally, in this ever-changing business climate we operate in today.

We work with leadership teams and groups as well as with individual leaders, to address the issues, challenges and difficulties that ‘unlocking the code’ can help you overcome. 

We work with ambitious businesses and individuals who know in leadership, we all sometimes need help and support and insight to ‘unlock’ the results, success and performance we know we are capable of.

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How We Help

Coaching programmes​

Understanding what the most successful individuals, leaders and teams on the planet do to succeed, is a powerful asset for any individual or team! Consistently applying such strategies and insights 'unlocks' your success and also sustains it!

Keynote speaking​

Steve McNicholas is one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers and a pioneer in capturing and creating the SUCCESS Code™. A sequence that enables sustained achievement and success in business, in leadership and also in life itself!

Consulting support​

Sometimes, an inspiring keynote or coaching program may only go some way to addressing your specific business issue or challenge. Sometimes there is a clear need for a more bespoke solution to tackle and resolve the issues and challenges you face.



The SUCCESS code

The ‘Code’ is not a theoretical coaching model full of complex theories and ideologies. Rather, it is a structured approach to mindset, habit and systems and is purposely built around several deliberate concepts that the most successful individuals, leaders and teams on the planet apply to achieve and sustain results, objectives and success continually. 

At the heart of this insight is the ambition and objectives of the individual or team involved. Who they are today? Where do they want to be? What’s involved in getting there? Several fundamental ‘code blocks’ coupled with an inspiring and engaging coach to help you to grasp, apply and take action to unlock the sustained success you seek. 

Unlocking this personal and professional success is a journey.  It’s not an event or a single moment.  It’s not a textbook or a PowerPoint slide.  It’s defining the destination point and establishing the mindset, purpose, beliefs and systems, to get you the outcomes, results and fulfilment that you want and deserve. 

About Steve

“Steve McNicholas is a leading authority on what it takes to achieve ‘success’ in business, in leadership and indeed in life…and just as importantly, how to sustain it.  His unique and proprietary seven step sequence, referred to as the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Code™, provides his clients with the insight, understanding and ‘sequence’ of what the most successful people, leaders and teams on the planet are doing – that the vast majority of us are not!”

It’s a nice summary I guess. It’s taken from an introduction a client used before a keynote speech that I gave at a leadership conference in early 2020. I think it explains what I try to do and if you have read this far down the website, I’m certain you must have an interest in unlocking your success?

Whether you’re lonely at the top, struggling to get unstuck in your role, your business or your life, or searching for inspiring new ways to take your leadership teams to the next level, I can help. 

I spent three decades in a variety of senior leadership positions in several sectors and I have the bumps and bruises to prove it! I recognise and understand the fears, anxieties and worries that leaders constantly battle with in the workplace and at home. Look, I ‘failed’ at education but ended up studying at Harvard and wrote two best-selling books. I’ll admit to several ‘failures’ throughout my leadership career but ended up helping to sell a business to a global corporate for one billion dollars. How? By applying what the most successful do.  By unlocking the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Code™

My personal passion over the past decade has been to understand, capture and refine the critical components that enable ‘success’. I have been extremely lucky to speak to hundreds of individuals and teams over many years and in several countries, to try and capture this unique sequence that drives achievement, results and success. Through my books, coaching programmes, and the powerful Curve™ software I use – a state of the art, innovative coaching platform that helps my clients track the measures they want to see progress in – applying the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Code™ for you or your team and unlocking success is now yours to choose. I look forward to working with you soon.  Keep winning!


A transformative coach and thinker sharing a fresh approach to achieving leadership success. Simple but powerful steps and via his ‘code’, anyone can succeed
CEO and Chairman
Steve’s masterclass completely reset our strategy on how we as a leadership team, approach our business targets. The results have been amazing and continue to be!
MD, Hillmond, UK and Ireland
A powerful and inspiring speaker and coach who adds emotional context to help bring his compelling evidence and his unique Success Code insights to life
Chairman and Non-Executive

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the BLOG stuff!

Go On…Get SHIFT Done!


The rather blunt instructions behind succeeding!

The gap between where you are today and where you want to be is what I call the ‘Success Shift’.

Don’t Settle Out Of Court….Go In and Win!

The legacy project at Cornell University in the US is an incredible insight and lesson for us all. It’s helped me to stop making ‘in life’ settlements and to go for the big wins!!

Cornell University in the US undertook a famous piece of research a few years ago that is still being developed today, entitled the Legacy Project. It’s a wonderful website to visit. The research involved asking thousands of elderly people approaching their ‘end of life’ a whole set of questions to understand legacy, wisdom and insight.

3 Things Sales Leaders Miss When Targets Aren’t Being Hit?

Three Tips for Leaders When Missing Targets
There is as always, a plethora of articles, solutions and reference material for sales leaders, sales directors and business owners to consider when trying to find a solution for a sales team not getting to the targets set or required by the business. As a former leader of countless sales teams for some three decades, sales teams that got bigger and bigger and more globally disperse the more senior I became, I recall using the same old tactics and strategies to try and drive results when the numbers said it was needed.

Ordinary versus EXTRA-ordinary?

Ordinary Vs EXTRA-Ordinary – What Do You Aim For?
The stereo typical messaging throughout our formative lives and perhaps even today, is to be ordinary. My challenge is to have one EXTRA ordinary year, and repeat that 10, 20, 50 times over!

Why Success Is Like The Bamboo Tree!

Why Success is Like The Bamboo Tree!
When I am in a coaching discussion with groups or private clients, particularly in the first few sessions of working together on the SUCCESS Code® methodology, I often get the challenge ‘I have been working on my actions for a few weeks now and I still haven’t achieved my goal’. The doubts begin to surface. Our desire for immediate rewards and success, tends to lead to the wrong decisions at the very wrong moment!

Why HABITS are crucial for success

Why Habits Are Crucial For Success
Here’s the deal! When it comes to achieving goals, winning in business or in life, the significance and importance of your habits is a pretty major factor in succeeding or not.


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