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Steve McNicholas is one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers and a pioneer in capturing and creating the SUCCESS Code™. A sequence that enables sustained achievement and success in business, in leadership and also in life itself!

He has inspired and empowered thousands of people to appreciate and apply the seven ‘Code Blocks’ that underpin sustained achievement across all business, in leadership and just as importantly, in life itself!

What differentiates him, besides having proven his highly effective methodology personally, is his personal connectivity with people in audiences of all sizes.

He brings passion, energy and inspiring context to the live or virtual stage, creating an engagement that builds and transforms understanding and confidence in your people quickly.



Understanding what the most successful individuals, leaders and teams on the planet do to succeed, is a powerful asset for any individual or team! Consistently applying such strategies and insights 'unlocks' success and sustains it!

Successful individuals and winning leadership teams promote ownership, create clarity, leverage ‘systemisation’ and understand the power of ‘compounding’ habit, to deliver sustained success at pace. Such critical elements are just some of the foundational Code Blocks of the SUCCESS Code™ methodology.

The unique ‘Accelerator’ and ‘Masterclass’ programmes and the SUCCESS Mindset that results, enables the individual and the team, to understand and then continually apply the SUCCESS Code™ for sustained results and achievement.



Sometimes, an inspiring keynote or coaching programme may only go some way to addressing your specific business issue or challenge. Sometimes there is a clear need for a more bespoke solution to tackle and resolve the issues and challenges you face.

We have been approached and worked with several organisations to develop a number of solutions/programmes to help resolve a variety of specific business, commercial or people challenges. In the current world of Corona Virus, we have also helped clients maintain focus and activity through online and virtual support.

Assignments have involved applying the Leadership SUCCESS Code™ methodology to enable more ‘impactful’ leadership, improved sales management and performance and several online events on enabling business, personal and professional success in such times of great change.

About Steve

Steve McNicholas is a leading authority on what it takes to achieve ‘success’ in business, in leadership and indeed in life…and just as importantly, how to sustain it.  His unique and proprietary seven step sequence, referred to as the SUCCESS Code™, provides his audiences, programme delegates and his private coaching clients, with the insight, understanding and ‘secrets’ of what the most successful people, leaders and teams on the planet are doing that the vast majority of us are not!

Just as importantly, he then shares the ‘how to’, enabling the achievement of whatever objectives, goals or targets you have, professionally or personally.

Steve has been invited to speak, coach and consult with a number of clients and across several countries.  His keynote talks, online seminars and his Accelerator and Masterclass coaching programmes have contributed to bold, fast and sustained change for a number of teams and private clients. Ownership, Clarity and Systemisation are just some of the core principles (or ‘Code Blocks’) he shares to enable this to occur.

He has inspired and educated thousands through his mindset-shifting and inspiring talks and keynotes and from 2019, through his second bestselling book, Unlocking the SUCCESS Code™.

What clients say

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Mike Gordon
CEO and Chairman

A transformative thinker sharing a fresh approach to achieving leadership success. Simple but powerful steps and via his ‘code’, anyone can and will succeed

Peter Orr
MD, Hillmond, UK and Ireland

Steve’s masterclass completely reset our strategy on how we as a leadership approach our business targets. The results have been amazing and continue to be!

Chris Brindley MBE
Chairman and Non-Executive

A powerful and inspiring speaker who adds emotional context to help bring his compelling evidence and his unique Success Code insights to life



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