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Steve McNicholas is a leading authority on what it takes to achieve ‘success’ and importantly, how to sustain it.  His unique seven step sequence, referred to as the SUCCESS Code®, provides audiences and programme delegates with the insight, understanding and ‘secrets’ of what the most successful people on the planet are doing every day that the vast majority of us are not.  Just as importantly, he then shares what to do and how to do it, enabling the achievement and delivery of whatever objectives, goals or targets you have, professionally and personally.

Steve has been invited to speak and consult in several countries and his talks and coaching programmes have contributed to bold, fast and sustained change in a number of teams and organisations. Ownership, Clarity, Systemisation and Habit are just some of the core principles (or ‘Code Blocks’) he shares to enable this to occur.

He has inspired and educated thousands of people through his mindset-shifting and inspiring talks and keynotes and recently from September 2019, through his second bestselling book, Unlocking the Success Code.

Currently consulting and advising a number of organisations in the UK, Europe and the US on a range of business challenges including sales achievement, performance improvement and mentorship for several individuals under a number of corporate talent programmes, Steve is also a much sought after speaker when motivation, insight and fresh perspectives to enable success are required.

Over the past three decades, Steve McNicholas has held a number of executive and director positions across several industries including banking, telecoms and private equity and has also been invited to research and study the subject of sales excellence with Harvard University.

What differentiates him, besides having his highly effective SUCCESS Code® methodology, is his immense personal connectivity with people in audiences of all sizes. He brings passion, energy, interactivity and amusing elements to the stage creating an engagement that transforms mindsets and understanding with ease.

Working with one of the leading thought leaders in achieving increased and sustained ‘success’, you can teach your people the fundamentals of the SUCCESS Code® in an exciting, liberating talk or keynote.  You can also inspire and empower them to plan and commit to major, personal transformational change through one of our Accelerator or Masterclass coaching programmes. 

"A consultant who took time to know me, my team and my business. Only then did he agree to help us and the results have been and continue to be amazing!"

Peter Orr, Managing Director, UK and Ireland

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