Success Code Masterclasses

SUCCESS Code Leadership Masterclass

Unlocking the Leadership SUCCESS Code™ to achieve and succeed as a leader, as a leadership team and then ideally in both! 

90 days. Group sessions. Individual coaching. One outcome.

Impactful, engaging and effective leadership capability and awareness to help ‘unlock success’ for you as a leader and crucially, for the teams you lead.

So what is a Masterclass Programme

The SUCCESS Code™ Leadership Masterclass Programme is designed to help medium – senior level leaders or equivalent roles, fully harness and apply the SUCCESS Code™ methodology to drive sustained success and achievement through impactful and engaging leadership.

This Masterclass addresses several critical components of leadership including:

  • Ownership of the challenge, people and results
  • Harnessing the ‘purpose’ of the team to succeed
  • Delivering targets/objectives by leveraging the ‘WHYs’
  • Maintaining engagement and focus in a crisis

Each Masterclass tends to run for some 90 days and unlike many other similar programmes, in addition to the programme for group learning, individual discussions between Steve and each participant before, during and post the group sessions, is a crucial factor in the overall engagement and success of the programme.

Each of the twelve component sessions is an intense and reflective experience for participants in the group. Steve McNicholas, Master-coach and creator of the SUCCESS Code™, will challenge and inspire them to ‘unlock the success code’ in themselves as leaders and then with their teams for the wider benefit of the business.

The outcome through and upon conclusion of the Leadership Masterclass Programme, is both a personal and team based leadership action plan. This creates both individual and collective responsibility to drive through on the mindset, strategies and ‘habits’ needed to lead and achieve with impact.

The SUCCESS Code™ Leadership Masterclass is designed around the seven Code Blocks of the SUCCESS Code™ and builds upon the core foundations of ownership, purpose, ‘systemisation’, taking sustained action, overcoming limiting beliefs and compounding habit.

The very same components of many of the most successful leaders, performers and individuals on the planet!

Each Leadership Masterclass Programme can also be refined to focus on specific business or strategic issues that are specifically relevant to the organisation or business where the cohort participants are working.

In each Masterclass session, participants will begin to understand and reflect upon their current adherence to each Code Block and what each is ‘demanding’ of you.  The challenge and objective then is to understand why such gaps exist and what, how and when you (and/or the wider team) will address them and therefore ‘unlock the code’ to achieve and succeed even more!

Each of the twelve sessions is live, interactive and delivered online (Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams etc) and usually at a set time to suit the business needs of the participants involved. Please note, once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, the SUCCESS Code™ Leadership Masterclass Programme can also be delivered onsite and this is a 3 day event scheduled over a 5-6 week period.

All SUCCESS Code™ Masterclass Programmes are delivered by Steve McNicholas and unlike many other development programmes, Steve is keen to truly support the sustained application of the learning and so a mandatory element is the provision of individual consulting sessions with each individual participant.  These one-to-one sessions occur before, during and at the end of the 12 week programme.

This ensures understanding and accountability for all, a chance to explore issues or concerns throughout and also to give participants a platform to share and explore any issues or challenges with effective implementation.


Lancashire, UK

Our sales management team recently completed a Masterclass with Steve and the activity, focus and crucially the results, have all increased significantly.

Impactful Leadership Masterclass

The masterclass was eye-opening. Understanding what the most successful do and why, made complete sense. I now have the roadmap to make a BIG impact today!

So should you consider the Masterclass?

Please DO CONSIDER a Masterclass if

You have a real business or performance issue within your teams or business and you truly want to help your people understand, apply and embed the critical components that drive real improvement and sustained success!

Your leadership team need a fresh and empowering change in outlook, focus and insight to drive and deliver exceptional results and performance from their teams and then just as importantly, knowing how to sustain it!

Your first line/area/regional management groups are not yet making the required step that you need from them, from functional managers into impactful leaders, capable of inspiring, motivating and sustaining results, change and performance from the teams they manage (rather than lead!)

You have a cohort of talented and capable colleagues who you wish to retain, develop and invest in, to drive your business or organisation onto greater success in the months and years ahead!

The SUCCESS Code™ methodology will provide each Masterclass group with the fundamental strategies to ‘unlock the success code’ for themselves, the team and the organisation.

Please DO NOT CONSIDER a Masterclass if

You actually believe that transformative and sustainable success in any individual, team or organisation, is achievable in a “day or two” because that’s what other experts or providers have suggested? If that’s the case, then a Masterclass is not for you!

Your teams and their leaders do not believe that further improvement and success is possible. That finding a ‘sustainable winning improvement’ for the client, themselves and the business is not a feasible outcome. If they truly believe that and you also agree, then this is not for them!

You have decided that your supervisory or line management teams do not warrant the support, investment and development needed to become inspiring and impactful leaders. If you wish to dismiss the significance of this critical population and focus upon executive development only within your business, then maybe this is not for you!

Retaining and developing talent already within your organisation, and maximsing that potential for the benefit of the colleague and the business today, tomorrow and in the future and you are prepared to let that ‘talent’ risk leaving, then maybe this Masterclass is not for you!

SUCCESS Code® Masterclass Programmes

  • Delegate numbers per Masterclass usually range between 6 to 12!
  • You can decide on the I.T. platform for delivery to suit your systems!
  • All materials, workbooks, tool-kits and textbooks are supplied!
  • We’ll agree and schedule the set dates to suit you and your business!
  • We’ll ‘insist’ on a set of 1-2-1 discussions with delegates to ensure success!
  • Pricing involves several factors. Please get in touch to discuss.

Please remember, this Masterclass is an investment in YOU or YOUR PEOPLE and enabling and developing them to achieve and sustain progress, results and success! I look forward to working with you to make that happen! Please click below to go to our Contact page, give us some details and we’ll be in touch. or use the other link and book a call with Steve McNicholas at a convenient time, to explore more.