Working with one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers, and two times best selling author, you can provide your audience with the opportunity to grasp the transformational steps of the SUCCESS Code™ in an inspiring, motivational and memorable speech or keynote.

Steve has been invited in recent months to share his unique approach to achieving and sustaining business and personal success with audiences in the UK and Europe, the United States and the UAE.

Inspiring and empowering his audience to form an understanding of the seven ‘Code Blocks’ that make up the SUCCESS Code™, he then moves into the methods and strategies for applying such insight and thus creating the framework to achieve and succeed consistently, in work and in life.

With several keynote themes to refer to in order to meet your specific business challenge and audience requirements, please feel free to contact us today for a chat or to book Steve for your next event.

Keynotes include:

How 3 Brown Envelopes Can Shape Your Success in 2020

Discover the sequence of events over 30 years that led to the discovery of the ‘blue-print’ to professional and personal success and how you can use this ‘blue print’ to achieve and succeed against your business objectives, goals or targets on a consistent basis.

Unlocking the SUCCESS Code®. Understand. Apply. Succeed!

Understand the decades of research behind the SUCCESS Code™ and how by systematically applying each of the 7 ‘Code Blocks’ in your routine, thinking and approach to goals, targets or objectives, you can achieve, win and succeed consistently.

What the Top 10% of Global Achievers Do That You Don't!

Uncover what the top 10% of performers know, do and apply daily that the vast majority of us just don’t. Why the attributes of ownership, purpose, ‘systemisation’ and habit matter more to them than anything else in the pursuit of success and winning.


Helping you today

In response to several client requests for support during this difficult time, we have developed a number of virtual/online and interactive sessions to help you, your people and your teams in these challenging times.
Each ‘live’ session is delivered by Zoom/Skype or similar and includes several key ‘takeaways’ plus a variety of supporting tool-kits, slides and session workbooks to support and assist delegates during and after the sessions.
Creating focus and engagement in your people today
A one hour session to help teams and organisations to effectively realign your people on the core focus areas for the team or business today. We'll explore how to rebuild engagement, focus, activity and confidence in our ability to achieve and succeed in 2020 and beyond, despite the issues and challenges we all face today.
Helping functional managers to become impactful leaders
A 90 minute session to help your managers understand the difference between effective management and impactful leadership right now and why that's what your people and teams need right now! We'll explore several quick and powerful strategies to help managers become impactful leaders 'tomorrow' and inspire their people as a result.
Our sales team are losing focus and activity has dropped
A one hour session to help sales leaders and their teams to grasp a number of key components from the SUCCESS Code® and to quickly apply them to increase ownership, purpose and 'systemisation' to drive sustained increases in activity, focus and confidence in our objectives in 2020.
How to help your people succeed in these difficult times
A 90 minute session to help your people and teams to understand the specific techniques and strategies that the most successful people on the planet are doing today to maintain success and achievement and how they spend time and prioritise to ensure goals are met and sustained!

Speaking Testimonials

Rob Spiers
UK Commercial Director

I think Steve has truly uncovered a ‘code’ to help our business drive forward to great success in 2020 and beyond. An inspiring speech!

Chris Brindley MBE
Chairman, Rugby World Cup

A powerful and inspiring speaker and coach who adds emotional context to help bring the compelling evidence of the Success Code and its impact to life

Paul Morris
CEO and Founder

The book was good but seeing Steve in action really does fill you with the energy and belief that professional and personal success is well within your gift to go and achieve

Resources to help

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Speaker Summary Sheet

A two-page summary of Steve’s path into speaking, his subject matter expertise and his keynote themes.

Speaking Checklist

A simple checklist to ensure you find the very best speaker for your event and audience.

AV and Sound Requirements

A concise summary of how Steve will present his material and just a few points on the technical side!

Speaker Biography

A one page biography summary for Steve McNicholas to use in your material or event communications

Speaker Introduction

A helpful guide and introduction for your host or compere to use to introduce Steve before speaking.

Photos for Material

A number of different sized images to use in your material or event communications if needed.

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