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Below are the key programmes in place to help support at individual or team and group level. Please feel free to download our programme prospectus below or book a call to chat through your questions if you feel you need more information to help.


S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Accelerator ™
(For individuals)

Understand the critical steps to help you overcome the issues, challenges and barriers that block your individual success and the results that you seek, professionally and personally. 

An intense and focused 100 day programme. Participants work with Steve McNicholas and the speed of action alongside the intensity of the coaching, is somewhat unique and most certainly empowering! The programme combines weekly online learning alongside several live 1-2-1 coaching sessions over some 100 days.

The focus is typically on 1 or 2 critical issues or challenges the participant wants to address and resolve.  Results are achieved by fully leveraging the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Code™ methodology to drive progress, action and to unlock your success!  Please see our full programme prospectus below for more details or book a call with Steve to discuss further.

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Masterclass ™
(For teams and groups)

Improve the effectiveness, success, results and performance of your leadership team by developing the individual and collective skills and insights and harnessing the power of the personal and team-based accountability.  

Combining individual and group interaction, this group coaching programme is based on the ’90 plus 90’ approach.

Participants work through a programme of 12 ‘live’ weekly Masterclass seminars in the first 90 day phase. Each seminar is one hour in duration and delivered live to the group by Steve McNicholas and is wholly interactive! The theme for each weekly seminar is a specific insight or element of success in leadership as captured in the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Code™.

Participants then benefit from THREE individual coaching sessions with Steve post the programme for a further 90 days.  These coaching sessions are used to clarify understanding if necessary but mainly to drive accountability and implementation of the individual and team-based plans that result from the Masterclass programme.  Please see our full programme prospectus below for more details or book a call with Steve to discuss further. (14)

‘YB12’ – Your Best Year Ever!
(For Individuals and Teams)

In one year from now, be enjoying and experiencing the success, results and fulfilment you know you are capable of and deserving.  Start now to shape your best year ever!

A unique twelve-month programme that fully harnesses the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Code™ strategy and it’s seven component parts, to help all participants build and achieve their ‘best year ever’!

From the initial half-day workshop that will honestly and systematically assess your current position in several areas of your life, career or your business, through to establishing true values, erasing limiting beliefs and then developing the empowering goal systems that will deliver the outcome you or the team want.

YB12 is designed for individuals and teams/groups. This twelve-month programme is founded upon our unique monthly coaching methodology when true accountability and progress is openly discussed, challenged and recognised. This is when the ‘return on your investment’ in time and commitment, is fully leveraged. Your ultimate success and results are achieved by leveraging the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Code™ methodology and deploying the CURVE™ software to track progress, actions and evidence success! Please see our full programme prospectus below for more information or book a call with Steve to discuss.

OUR 2021 prospectus

For more detail and information on the Accelerator, Masterclass and ‘YB12’ programmes and details of keynote speaking services and seminars, please pop your details below and we shall ping it to your inbox in a few minutes from now!


An exhausting but incredibly satisfying few months on a personal and professional level. I never knew how much of an impact each Code Block can have. Staggering!
Accelerator Graduate
A great session for us as a team to step back and look at our approach through a different lens. Steve hits the right mix of challenge and support in an energising review on our business.
Masterclass Attendee
The online material is great but the one-to-one mentor calls with Steve is when the theory truly landed for me. He has a way of making the challenging issues just seem simple.
Accelerator Delegate