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Don’t Settle Out Of Court….Go In and Win!

The legacy project at Cornell University in the US is an incredible insight and lesson for us all. It’s helped me to stop making ‘in life’ settlements and to go for the big wins!!

Cornell University in the US undertook a famous piece of research a few years ago that is still being developed today, entitled the Legacy Project. It’s a wonderful website to visit. The research involved asking thousands of elderly people approaching their ‘end of life’ a whole set of questions to understand legacy, wisdom and insight.

3 Things Sales Leaders Miss When Targets Aren’t Being Hit?

Three Tips for Leaders When Missing Targets
There is as always, a plethora of articles, solutions and reference material for sales leaders, sales directors and business owners to consider when trying to find a solution for a sales team not getting to the targets set or required by the business. As a former leader of countless sales teams for some three decades, sales teams that got bigger and bigger and more globally disperse the more senior I became, I recall using the same old tactics and strategies to try and drive results when the numbers said it was needed.

Ordinary versus EXTRA-ordinary?

Ordinary Vs EXTRA-Ordinary – What Do You Aim For?
The stereo typical messaging throughout our formative lives and perhaps even today, is to be ordinary. My challenge is to have one EXTRA ordinary year, and repeat that 10, 20, 50 times over!

Why Success Is Like The Bamboo Tree!

Why Success is Like The Bamboo Tree!
When I am in a coaching discussion with groups or private clients, particularly in the first few sessions of working together on the SUCCESS Code® methodology, I often get the challenge ‘I have been working on my actions for a few weeks now and I still haven’t achieved my goal’. The doubts begin to surface. Our desire for immediate rewards and success, tends to lead to the wrong decisions at the very wrong moment!

It’s EGGS you need!

The Importance of A Morning Routine
I have just read yet another article about someone who is professionally, financially and personally super-successful and yet again, they attributed a lot of their success to their “powerful morning routine”. Yep you guessed it, he’s up at 4am, 90 minutes in the gym, 60 minutes of meditating and then a breakfast of several ingredients I’ve never even heard of!

5 Tips to Deal With an Underperforming Team

5 Tips to Deal With an Underperforming Team
As the image shows on this blog, when results aren’t happening, the team look to you!

It can be a draining, almost impossible and energy zapping time as a leader when your team is not delivering on the targets, objectives or strategies you are responsible for. As the leader, the focus is often on you to “sort it” and the personal pressure and responsibility on you to fix it builds quickly and can quite easily become extremely difficult to cope with.

Your ‘Push Ups’, Not Mine!!

The Power of Goal Setting
In many aspects of our lives, we want the quickest solution to our problems. We now have such technology at our disposal at home (the apps on our mobile devices, the internet, computers, etc.) that are designed to get things done faster with as little effort as possible and preferably by others or by any other means than ourselves.

Why Success is like a Motorway!

Success Is Like a Motorway

I spend quite a bit of my life on this famous motorway, typically traveling from home in Lancashire into Liverpool to see family or clients or indeed traveling further south to the Midlands to see friends and also on business. While sat in the latest traffic jam last week, in a zone they have ironically labelled a ‘smart motorway’, I found myself thinking of the M6 as a metaphor for how we tend to progress towards our goals and plans in life.