SUCCESS Code® Accelerator

Success Code ™ Accelerator

Unlocking the SUCCESS Code™ to achieve and succeed in business, in life and ideally in both! 

90 days. Powerful learning online and several intense and focused personal coaching sessions to reinforce your awareness.

One outcome.

Knowing and applying what the most successful individuals on the planet do to consistently achieve and succeed….and applying such insight to ‘unlock’ the success you are seeking personally and professionally and as often happens, succeeding in both!

So what is an Accelerator Programme

The SUCCESS Code™ Accelerator Programme is designed to help individuals succeed, achieve and sustain success.  It is as simple as that!  Often this will be in a professional context regarding your role, your progression and your career aspirations.

It is however often much more personal.  It could be about achieving the goals, ambitions and hopes you have regarding your personal life and what you want to do, have and achieve here.

Often though, it is about finding and ‘unlocking’ success in both.

Effectively you will explore each of the seven ‘Code Blocks’ of the SUCCESS Code™ in some detail.  This is done via online learning modules and then through a programme of intense, personal and action-based coaching discussions with the author and creator of the SUCCESS Code™, Steve McNicholas.  These coaching sessions have one purpose, to ensure you truly apply and leverage each ‘Code Block’ to enable your success.

An overview of the key themes in the sequence is summarised below for you.

The outcome, upon conclusion of this deeply personal and focused experience, is a specific personal plan and understanding of how to unlock all the success you desire, at work, in life or in both!  You will have the very same understanding and strategies as the most successful individuals on the planet and the coaching and accountability to make it happen for you.


Session 1

After an overview of the SUCCESS Code™, you will begin to understand the impact that the ‘easy-ness conundrum’ has had in your life or career to date.

You’ll then begin to study the first of the Code Blocks, Ownership. You’ll explore the negative impact of blame and regret and through a number of powerful strategies and techniques, you’ll form a deep and personal ownership of the success, in life and work, that you’re now committed to achieving.


Session 2

Here you begin to define and harness your true ‘purpose’ or passion for success. What specifically within you is driving you towards the goals and aspirations that you have?  Your true WHY.  This is a critical component of all success.

Appreciating the significance of ‘purpose’, you unleash your own source of rocket-fuel to propel you forwards no matter what obstacles or barriers need addressing and overcoming!


Session 3

At this point in the programme, we move to the DART-board and goal-setting phase of the SUCCESS Code™ sequence.  We conclude this stage with the key prioritised goals and objectives you have, underpinned always by purpose.

We then apply the powerful benefits of ‘systemisation’, the REAL difference in goal-setting, to help you almost guarantee the results or outcomes you seek!


Session 4

In this session, the focus is on sustained action but also acknowledging and overcoming several barriers to action that are very common and need addressing quickly!

It may be procrastination or ‘over-thinking’ your plans or strategies and becoming overwhelmed with the demands required of you personally and professionally.

Action is the bridge between intention and achievement. Between ‘thinking’ about your business goals or targets and actually ‘realising’ them! It’s that important!!


Session 5

Your limiting beliefs and those of your family, friends and colleagues, are like weeds in a garden. They need managing and treating!

Those internal chats we all have with ourselves, “I can’t, I won’t, it won’t work for me etc”. If they are not treated and controlled consistently, they can and will suffocate your opportunity for success forever.

In this module, we look at several techniques and strategies to ‘kill these weeds’ and ensure that your beliefs are unlimited and empowering for you and certainly not destructive


Session 6

Habit is a key indicator of where your results, career or indeed your life is at right now.

Good and powerful habits repeated over and over, a bit like the growth of interest compounding on your savings, can have a dramatic impact on the success you seek.

The same applies with poor or lack of habit and discipline and these also compound to have a negative effect. Here we work hard to build and embed the critical disciplines at all levels of your professional and personal goals and ambitions, to keep your momentum and progress sustained.


Session 7

In the final scheduled session of the programme, we focus hard on sustaining the growth, progress and success you will have already made.

This is a critical module to help you refine and solidify the success mindset you now possess.

Effectively this final Code Block is fine-tuning the previous six Code Blocks in order for you to repeat and embed this way of thinking, doing and being for the rest of your life! Finally unlocking the SUCCESS Code™.


BONUS 1 !!

Upon completion of the programme, you will have an opportunity to book a final ONE HOUR personal coaching session with you and Steve! This needs to be booked within 3 months of completing the programme.

This is to support your progress, help on any issues or challenges in the meantime, discuss how you are embedding the models, actions and strategies discussed and ensure that you are truly unlocking success for you personally, professionally and ideally in both!


BONUS 2 !!

Upon completion of the programme and of course, the bonus coaching session to ensure progress continues, you will also be eligible for additional bonuses!

In addition to signed copies of Steve’s TWO best-selling books on the science behind ‘success’, you will also be invited to join his members-only SUCCESS Code™ Mastermind Group for ongoing insights, coaching sessions and toolkits!  More details upon completion!!


Liverpool, UK

Inspiring, informative but very challenging at times. The 1-2-1 sessions with Steve were intense and to the point! The point is SUCCESS and how to get it. Amazing!

Stafforshire, UK

I saw Steve speak and was hooked. The 1-2-1 sessions are brutally honest but truly enlightening and his personal follow-up to drive my success was intense. Do it!!

Philadelphia, USA

I have never had coaching like this before. Intense – but the effort is worth it. Two job promotions and several recognition awards in a year!! It’s been amazing.

So should you consider Accelerator?

Please DO CONSIDER the Accelerator if

You are at a moment in your leadership career or maybe your life as well, where you know and feel that you are capable of so much more and yet you cannot seem to find a way to breakthrough and make progress to the goals, dreams and aspirations that you have for yourself, your teams, your career and your life!

Life and work is just mundane and you constantly feel demoralised in ‘ticking the boxes’ for ordinary. However, you know and feel that it’s an EXTRA-ordinary career you want and you need a way to make this happen! EXTRA-ordinary is when you are living and working with success, enjoyment and every day is a step forward. Every day is growth and you are on a path to success!

You want to lead you and your teams to consistent success and achievement!

Any aspect of your role or maybe your career (performance, career path, status, progression and of course salary!) is not what you want or aspire it to be, and you’re seeking clarity, a strategy and a path to find such professional success.

The SUCCESS Code™ leadership methodology will provide you with the fundamental strategies to change one, some or all of those aspects of your life or career that are not fulfilling you today.

Please DO NOT CONSIDER the Accelerator if

You are seeking the ‘silver bullet’ that many experts or ‘gurus’ promise of amazing achievement and success in business in just 2 weeks, this is NOT for you!!  Yes, you will begin to ‘think’ and ‘operate’ differently from week one onwards but the SUCCESS Code™ will take several weeks of learning, considering and coaching to fully work through and understand but the journey will be worth it!

You expect transformation immediately. Yes you will build confidence, understanding and progress every week but the clear intention here is to build a fresh leadership foundation in ownership, purpose, ‘systemisation’ and more, to allow you to achieve and sustain that success from here on in and for the rest of your life!

You are not prepared to commit and do the work that I will ask of you. You should keep your money and use it elsewhere. I will ask you throughout the programme, in the material and in our coaching calls – and I shall help you do this – to ‘do the work’ necessary to ensure the learning is understood, applied and embedded.

If you are not prepared to work hard for success in your life or career, then this is NOT for you.

Meet your coach

Steve McNicholas, two times best-selling author, international keynote speaker and business coach, is a leading authority on what it takes to achieve ‘success’ and importantly, how to sustain it. From a decade of research, the critical components and sequencing behind success and achievement in business, in life, in both, were defined.

His unique seven step strategy, referred to as the SUCCESS Code™, provides audiences, personal clients and programme delegates with the insight, understanding and ‘secrets’ of what the most successful people, leaders and teams on the planet are doing daily that the majority of us are not.

Just as importantly, he then shares the ‘how to’, enabling the achievement of whatever objectives, goals or targets you have, professionally or personally and ideally, in both!

SUCCESS Code™ Accelerator

  • Training modules accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world!
  • HD video, workbooks and unique ‘tool-kits’ to help you progress!
  • Several personal ONE-TO-ONE coaching sessions you with Steve!
  • Additional unique BONUSES upon completing the programme!
  • Book a call TODAY to learn more, ask more and consider more!

IMPORTANT: The Accelerator Programme is limited to a MAXIMUM of TEN participants at any one time. This is to ensure Steve has sufficient capacity to support each participant fully and also to meet his other client commitments and programmes.

Please remember, this programme is an investment in YOU. Your future, your happiness and your success. I look forward to working with you to make that happen! Please click below to book a call with Steve and INVEST IN YOUR SUCCESS today.