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Don’t Settle Out Of Court….Go In and Win!

The legacy project at Cornell University in the US is an incredible insight and lesson for us all. It's helped me to stop making 'in life' settlements and to go for the big wins!! Cornell University in the US undertook a famous piece of research a few years ago that is still being developed today, entitled the Legacy Project. It’s a wonderful website to visit. The research involved asking thousands of elderly people approaching their ‘end of life’ a whole set of questions to understand legacy, wisdom and insight.

It is a site I frequently visit for motivation, wisdom and inspiration when I most need it and I’d recommend it to your next browsing session on Google!

There is plenty to read and reflect upon in all aspects of life and in the responses the participants offer up. Most enlightening to me was the number one lesson from those with little time left of their lives and that was ‘I should not have wasted so much time worrying and doubting about things that in the end, do not matter. I should have chased my dream, followed my passion, listened to my heart and gone for it back then’.

Think about that for a few seconds, what are you putting off, doubting yourself on, worrying about, excusing away, blaming others for, convincing yourself you can’t, that frankly on your death-bed you will realise such worries, doubts and fears really did not matter a jot. The current Covid challenge we are facing is making people even more fearful of exploring their “what if”.

Sadly, when we only begin to think of our opportunities for true happiness and success at end of life, it’s way too late then.

In the big picture of things, our lives are mere specks in the universe but yet they can be the most amazing, fulfilling and wonderful experiences if we want to and yet we often choose to not chase and experience that. Throughout our lives, we often settle for far less than what we deserve and a quite sadly, a fraction of what we are capable of. Do this enough and that mind-set and attitude forms habits and put simply, it becomes who we are.

You may have heard the expression ‘out of court settlement’. It is when someone has gone to court to fight for something sizeable or to seek a big win of some sort because they initially believed in the path they were following – but then they ‘settled’ for less before the big chance to win arrived. They settled out of court and then spend time reflecting on ‘what if’? What if I had gone to court and really believed in myself, what could I have ‘won’?

I believe we all have way too many ‘in life settlements’.

Too often, we settle for far less than what we could achieve, if we had pushed ourselves to go for more. It’s a key factor in those kind people who contributed to the Legacy Project. It is about how do we turn ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ into reality now. Don’t have ‘in life’ settlements, go and win the BIG PRIZE!

Keep winning!

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