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Ordinary versus EXTRA-ordinary?

Ordinary Vs EXTRA-Ordinary - What Do You Aim For? The stereo typical messaging throughout our formative lives and perhaps even today, is to be ordinary. My challenge is to have one EXTRA ordinary year, and repeat that 10, 20, 50 times over!

Many, if not all of us, are raised and programmed from our earliest days, to be ordinary. To follow the normal path deemed as successful apparently. We are encouraged to work hard and try and get a good education. You need that to secure a job that pays well. You need the job to help you then settle down, perhaps start a family, tick the usual stereo-typical boxes, year after year, then retire and then it’s done. This is the ordinary path and is often and typically described as ‘Mr and Mrs Average’.

I’m not putting down ordinary or average. Ordinary is just not good enough for me and it should not be for you. Ordinary is going through your life simply ticking boxes, filling out forms, finding the steady job, paying taxes, being respectable and trying to remain lawful and of course, ordinary. You do everything that is expected and then you die!!

Now if that is ok for you, and I suspect if you have found yourself somehow on this blog or site, then you know it is not, my path and my choice is to experience EXTRA-ordinary!

Fulfil Your Goals And Never Look Back
Yes of course, you can aim to live an ordinary life in a respectable and ordinary career for the next 20, 30, 40 years or more doing largely the same ‘ordinary’ things day in and day out. My goal is to encourage you to live ONE amazing, fulfilling and EXTRA-ordinary year and then repeat that year 20, 30, 40 times over, or more!

EXTRA-ordinary is something completely different. This is about recognising within yourself that you have one chance (one life) to be EXTRA-ordinary. To listen to your heart. To find and live to your purpose. To go and secure the dream job or start the business you have always wanted or go off and experience the countries that your heart is calling you too. EXTRA-ordinary is making sure you find time to have the most incredible friendships and relationships. To have the energy and finances you need to help you fulfil your goals and dreams.

10x Your Way to Success and Fulfilment
You can go way beyond just being average or ordinary and start to experience and feel a much higher level of personal fulfilment and happiness. You can do all of this and more and despite the limiting beliefs and fears that you will have, and despite the doubts and worries that others will put in your mind, overcoming such fears and doubts is when EXTRA ordinary begins to happen. Listening to them and not moving forward is when ordinary happens.

I would encourage you every time to chase and pursue EXTRA ordinary. It’s called living. It’s where the magic happens. Go for it.

Keep winning!


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