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Why Success Is Like The Bamboo Tree!

Why Success is Like The Bamboo Tree! When I am in a coaching discussion with groups or private clients, particularly in the first few sessions of working together on the SUCCESS Code® methodology, I often get the challenge ‘I have been working on my actions for a few weeks now and I still haven’t achieved my goal’. The doubts begin to surface. Our desire for immediate rewards and success, tends to lead to the wrong decisions at the very wrong moment!

Most frustratingly, many of us, in life and business, often decide to give up and walk away from future success right at the moment we’re about to achieve a noticeable and significant breakthrough! There must be some universal law, similar perhaps to the laws of gravity or Murphy’s Law(!) that states that success and achievement was just about to happen if you had persisted just that little bit longer!

Invest & Watch It Grow – Just Like The Bamboo Tree!
A metaphor that I use explain the importance of continuing to invest in and maintain your actions is that of the Chinese Bamboo tree. After this amazing tree is planted, you will not see anything break through the soil for a number of years, perhaps with the exception of a tiny shoot. However, it is vital that the soil and this tiny shoot is watered and looked after as much as possible. Now all you can see on the surface is this tiny green shoot, and despite all the tendering, feeding and watering, nothing seems to be happening that is visible. Yet under the surface, the bamboo tree is developing a strong, fibrous root structure spreading far and wide under the soil, invisible to the human eye.

Typically, after two years or so, the Chinese bamboo tree will begin a sudden growth frenzy, reaching impressive vertical heights of 80 feet in a matter of days! This staggering growth spurt is only possible because of the strength and depth of the root systems that had been developing over the previous two years.

Remember To Water YOUR Bamboo Tree
Remember this when considering the goals you have set for your life or in business. So long as you have the right systems to underpin the goal (like watering and tending to the tiny bamboo shoot) real and obvious signs of progress and success may take weeks, months or, in some instances with huge transformational goals, a couple of years to achieve. Maintaining your actions and working on your ‘goal systems’, even when you cannot see the obvious external signs of achievement, is crucial to your success.

Understand the investment you are making and keep moving forward. Don’t pull the root up, or walk away, forget it and let it die. Your own success and achievement is so much closer than you think at moments of quitting so keep moving forward. Keep taking action. You are laying deep roots and foundations and when success and achievement burst through – which they will – you will be astonished at the rate and speed of achievement, happiness and fulfilment that you will feel as a result.

Investing in yourself may be the most profitable investment you ever make. The effort you put in to consistently take action on the goals and systems you have set, day after day, plays a huge role in determining the quality of your life now and in the future. Keep taking action so your bamboo tree breaks through and rockets to the sky.

Keep winning!


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