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It’s EGGS you need!

The Importance of A Morning Routine I have just read yet another article about someone who is professionally, financially and personally super-successful and yet again, they attributed a lot of their success to their "powerful morning routine". Yep you guessed it, he's up at 4am, 90 minutes in the gym, 60 minutes of meditating and then a breakfast of several ingredients I’ve never even heard of!

He happens to be worth £42m apparently so I guess he can afford the breakfast he wants and the chef that cooks it!

Look, I know about success. I know how to achieve it, sustain it, enjoy it. I am clear in the books, talks and programmes I run, that establishing a regular morning routine is an essential ‘code block’ in unlocking the SUCCESS Code. I believe in the morning routine, priming myself for a good day and it’s a key part of my own strategy every day.

But here’s the truth. It doesn’t have to be 4am rising!! You don’t need hours meditating at sunrise!! Quite frankly, a bowl of your usual cereal choice is perfectly fine if you can’t fly in some tropical berries from some strange islands in the Pacific and employ a chef to cook them……but you have got to have EGGS every morning if you want to succeed, win, achieve and be happy in life and work.

When I say EGGS of course, not the ones that take 3 minutes to boil but instead, EGGS that take about 20 minutes to do and will set you up for a brilliant day.

The EGGS Recipe to WIN Your Morning
Exercise. 5, 10, 15 minutes is good. Get an app on your phone, there are many out there based on 7 minute workouts. Whatever, get up, move and stretch and get the blood pumping. Get your heart and body fully awake and even 5-10 minutes of effort and motion is a brilliant ‘boost’ to increase alertness, energy levels and focus at the start of everyday. No excuses. Everyone can do a bit of jumping, stretching and a few basic exercises every day, and you don’t need to leave the bedroom to do it.

Gratitude. As you stand in the shower or sit eating breakfast post your super mini workout, take a couple of minutes and reflect on how much in life you already have and what you should be so grateful for. Yes we all want more and more of everything, but take time to acknowledge what you already have. Be truly grateful, just 2 minutes of this will lighten your soul when you appreciate the blessings and gifts already in your life.

Goals. For the next few minutes, think about the goals you have in your life and the plans and systems you have to achieve them. Be excited about the success that you know will arrive when you hit these goals. Maybe take a minute to think about the goals you specifically want to achieve today at work, at home, in a meeting etc. Get your riticular activating system, the part of your brain that hunts down goals, alive and engaged.

Silence. This is the final part of the recipe. If you have a few minutes, just take a moment to sit comfortably, undisturbed and breathe in and out slowly but firmly. Relax and let your mind empty and just enjoy a few minutes of silence. It’s not easy but if you can, think of nothing! It’s hard at first but after a bit of practice, you’ll come to cherish these few minutes a day.

That’s it. That’s EGGS every morning and you don’t need to be up at 4am everyday with your own personal trainer and chef to ‘have’ it.

Turn Your Morning Routine Into a Habit
A morning routine, a daily habit that sets you up for success is a brilliant way to start your day and nobody disputes the effectiveness of such a positive start, physically, emotionally and mentally. What I do challenge is it has to take hours and has to be when all the ‘normal’ people are sleeping.

It doesn’t. The way to unlock SUCCESS is by undertaking several habits or strategies day in and day out. Having EGGS every morning is definitely a great way to start!

Keep winning!

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