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Your ‘Push Ups’, Not Mine!!

The Power of Goal Setting In many aspects of our lives, we want the quickest solution to our problems. We now have such technology at our disposal at home (the apps on our mobile devices, the internet, computers, etc.) that are designed to get things done faster with as little effort as possible and preferably by others or by any other means than ourselves.

This of course, is helpful because it can free up time to spend on other things we may consider priorities. But we have become so dependent on these tools that we are often not prepared to wait or work for anything longer than the bare minimum; we just want “it” and we want it now. Success, achievement, and goal attainment in life and business will always take time and effort, but it is time and effort that is so worthwhile when the results begin to show.

I was speaking a few weeks back to a group of A’ Level students on the power of ‘systemising’ goal-setting and how to achieve, succeed and create the life, business and career they wanted post their education. I

n the Q/A afterwards, one bright young man suggested “success could be automated….that an app could help deliver the goals I have? If as you suggest Steve, it is choice, habit, purpose and ownership that underpins success, then we should be able to automate it so it just happens for us” he suggested.

You Are The Vehicle To Your Own Success
“Let’s use a potential goal of getting fitter, healthier and stronger at the gym as an analogy to help you better understand this perspective” I replied. “You can hire the most qualified and expensive personal trainer in the UK, with a great website, impressive credentials and wonderful promises and references of his or her capabilities. You indeed perhaps have the best coach out there!”

“However, after filling out the forms and maybe measuring some vital body signs, it’s eventually YOU who has to do the work.

YOU have to get on and use the equipment. YOU have to sweat and ache for the results you desire. YOU have to do the push-ups; nobody else can do them for you. If you pay someone to do push-ups for you, you will never, ever see the physical, health and mental benefits of the exercise for yourself, and you will be financially poorer with nothing to show for it!

Success Is On You – Are You Ready?
From now on, you are going to have to own the fact that you are the outcomes of your choices and choosing to hire someone to do your ‘push ups’ for you, or even design an app to do them for you, is not a strategy to succeed”.

Don’t look for the silver bullet in building for success and achievement; it’s you, only you, who can do this; so take a deep breath, metaphorically get down on the floor, put your hands on the floor, push up and go! This is your life, education, career, happiness, whatever….that we are going to change. These are your push-ups, not mine.

Keep winning!

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